Arctic Wonderland

Aerial Silks
Our artists show off their strength and flexibility on the beautiful aerial silks, working either as an act, or hang about for meet and greet entertainment.

Suspended Animation

Nicholas Daines
nicholas daines nicholas daines nicholas daines
nicholas daines    

Delia Du Sol
Yvette Du Sol
yvette du sol    

Flight Girls
Katie Hardwick
Katie Hardwick Katie Hardwick  

Ice silks

Polly Jay
Polly Jay Silks 1 Polly Jay Silks 2  

Michelle Laine
aerial silks aerial silks aerial silks
aerial silks    

Melissa Merran

Colette Morrow
Colette Morrow    

Nicky Pearson
nicky pearson nicky pearson  


solaris solaris  

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Tumbellina aerial silks duo Tumbellina aerial silks duo 2 Tumbellina aerial silks solo
Tumbellina aerial silks solo