Arctic Wonderland

Arctic Wonderland provides a variety of entertainment for the whole evening. Meet and greet Ice King and Queen stilt artists and harness creatures flying in the air above the event while the guests take their seats. We start the evening with an aerial hoop icicle trio then a comedy yet thrilling penguin trapeze and juggling duo act. The grand finale is a beautiful aerial silks act performed by five artists as polar bears. This is a really magical end to the show with contorting moves in the air, finishing with a big drop on the silks with snow falling from the sky. Show duration: Arctic Wonderland can be performed with the acts intermittent though out the event or as a full 40 minute show. We can provide additional winter themed acts if required.



Technical requirements:

Aerial rigging points x 7 Each weight of 500kg points per person.

Stage area size: minimum 5 meters x 5 meters. (If require smaller then we can have rigging points possibly between guests tables).

Our own rigger is provided.

Additional Seasonal Acts