Arctic Wonderland

This is a daytime arena spectacular for the whole family to enjoy. Acrobatics, contortion, aerial antics consisting of silks, hoop, rope & harness. Giant butterflies on stilts with a little magic fairy dust.

Show duration: 40 minutes



Technical requirements:

Exclusive Area: 8m x 11m (for audience health and safety). Ground: Must be firm, flat and level. 8m x 11m (for audience health and safety).

Barrier: The event organiser may need to provide a barrier, depending on situation.

Stewards: For health and safety reasons a steward may be required. Get in Time: 120 mins Get out Time: 90 mins Vehicle Access: For 3.5t
van for unloading and loading, nearby parking.

Sound: We will require the event to provide a PA for the arena capable of playing a 40 min soundtrack on CD. We can also provide a small PA system as part of the package.

Important information: The event organizers will need to provide a crew person for 20 minutes to assist with the erection of this rig at a pre-agreed time.