We have a wonderful variety of talented artists with amazing skills.
Should you require a particular theme or act for your event, we will try our very best to put together the perfect show that suits all your requirements

For a full range of themed acts please see our production page

Aerial Hoop, Contortion, Aerialist,  corporate, circus acts, Aerial above water, events
acrobalace act, acrobalace duo, adagio act, acrobats, circus, shows
Aerial silks , aerialist, circus, acrobat, corpoarte event,
Contortion duo, contortionist, circus acts, shows, acrobalance, sister circus duo act
aerial straps, aerialist, circus, circus events, acrobat, circus artist
Archery, foot archery, female archery, foot archery with fire, circus acts, fire performance, handbalance act
handbalance act, male hand balancer, circus artist
The Dream Liquid Crystal, juggler, circus acts, crystal ball act
LED acts, LED circus act, Jelly fish,aerial hoop, Aerial jelly fish, LED props
Pole, pole sports, Contortionist, Circus acts, Aerialist
The Dream Peacocks,circus, Peacocks stilts, Themed events, themed stilts costumes
Trapeze duo, aerialist, circus, circus events, corporate events
Spider aerial act, aerialist, contortionist, unusual circus acts, circus, halloween events, halloween, halloween circus, shows, events, themed events