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Want something a little different? 

Look no further! These beautiful props and acts are designed to be a great talking point for your event. 

Martini Glass

A wonderful act for meet-and-greet & receptions as well as an installation to music.

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The Cake

Beautiful contortion act mixing flexibility with fire on a giant light up cake!
Perfect for birthday parties or any celebrations.

Aerial spider:

A beautiful aerial act spinning high in the air. Mixing strength and flexibility. 

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Zorb ball

Acrobatics in this amazing giant bubble!

Great for meet and greet on the ground and fantastic over water in large pools or lakes!

zorb ball, zorb ball in water, circus, events, contortionist, contortionist in bubble, acrobat
star, spinning star, circus acts, star circus prop, contortionists, acrobats, unusual circus props

The Star

A beautiful revolving giant star that makes a stunning feature for a stage or event. 

This can be performed by up to 3 x artists or as a duo. This act mixes balance with extreme flexibility.

Aerial Jellyfish

A truely unique aerial hoop act. The act is performed from a giant LED jellyfish suspended high in the air. The Jellyfish can also hold an aerial silk as an alternative to the hoop.

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Aerial chains: 

This unique skill mixes power and strength.

aerial chains, aerialist, Circus, Events, Unusual circus act, acrobat
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